What is VOZ?

VOZ brings broadcast viewing on TV sets and connected devices together in a single, detailed database.

Virtual Australia, or ‘VOZ’ is the foundation of Australia’s new ‘Total TV’ reporting standard. VOZ brings together broadcaster* viewing on TV sets and connected devices (connected TVs, desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones) to provide all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting for Australia’s television industry. It will deliver step change in the way Australian television is measured and evaluated.

*Broadcaster content comprises viewing of metropolitan and regional free-to-air and subscription broadcasters’ TV and online (BVOD) services. This includes viewing through the television set (both live and played back within 7 days) and on connected devices such as connected TVs, desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. Participating BVOD broadcasters: ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network 10, SBS and Foxtel.

VOZ inputs and outputs

Viewers in OzTAM and Regional TAM panel homes (TAM)


individuals in metro and regional homes

Establishment Survey data


surveys per year

Streaming TV Meters


in panel homes

Video Player Measurement (VPM)


connected devices


Total TV database

Planning Reporting Post-Analysis

National, Metro & Regional, Rest of Australia coverage

Linear TV & BVOD viewing by device

Cross-screen campaign R&F

Incremental BVOD reach

Who benefits from VOZ?

Advertisers and media agencies

can create and post-evaluate media plans encompassing TV inventory across all broadcast channels and devices, and manage cross-screen campaigns – including de-duplicated cross-device audience reach goals right up to a national level.

TV networks

have a complete picture of the audience consuming broadcaster content over time and across screens, can determine BVOD incremental reach, and optimise their offer across all channels, markets, platforms and devices.

The media industry

gains an objective, independent, transparent and standard metric by which to evaluate the performance of TV content across all screens and platforms, and is consistent with the established TAM and VPM currencies.

VOZ Dimensions


Daily (delivered day+2)


National Total TV (including Rest of Australia), Metro and Regional: five mainland capital cities and aggregated regional markets, National STV

Viewing type

Overnight, Consolidated 7 ‘What Watched’ reporting and the capability to deliver ‘When Watched‘ reporting


A core subset of age/gender demographics will evolve to include all standard television audience measurement (TAM) demographics

Screen types

TV, desktop/laptop computer, tablet and smartphone


BVOD incremental reach, audience, cumulative reach, time spent viewing (and other standard TAM metrics)

Roadmap to VOZ

VOZ results from three years of development, industry consultation, testing and phased rollout.


Build out OzTAM’s VPM service to provide minute-by-minute measurement of BVOD viewing across all platforms and connected devices.


50% increase in number of OzTAM and Regional TAM panel homes.

Australia is now the world’s largest per capita people metered market.


Streaming TV meters (STVMs) installed in selected OzTAM and Regional TAM TV panel homes to de-duplicate and identify linked device use, and offer insights into cross-platform viewing of non-linear TV.


VPM daily reporting including demographics introduced.

Additional Streaming TV Meters installed, bringing total to 2,500+ TAM panel homes.


Initial VOZ test data and insights released.

Co-viewing on connected TVs introduced to VPM service.

Refinement of VOZ methodology.

OzTAMs R & F Portal developed.

TPSS adapting systems for VOZ & testing databases.


VOZ production system complete.

Daily VOZ production and delivery to agencies commences (July 2021)


Refinement of VOZ database & TPSS tools development with agency/broadcaster feedback.

VOZ incorporated into agency workflows.

VOZ insights inform campaign planning & post analysis.

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