Accessing & Using VOZ

    Access the VOZ database in a way that best meets your needs.

    Subscribers to both OzTAM and Regional TAM elemental data can choose how to access the detailed VOZ database and integrate it with their own systems.

    Weekly top line VOZ reports are available and free to view on the reports page of the website.

    VOZ subscribers have a choice of data access options.


    VOZ elemental data can only be accessed using Gold Standard accredited third party software suppliers (TPSS). The OzTAM Gold Standard ensures the consistent calculation of audience estimates within various software applications. Current OzTAM Gold Standard TAM accredited software suppliers are working with OzTAM to gain Gold Standard accreditation for VOZ.

    R&F Portal

    An OzTAM-developed web access portal enables agencies and broadcasters to upload cross-screen campaigns and evaluate reach & frequency results.The Portal processes an individual campaign at a time with sourcing & creating the campaign the responsibility of the user. The Portal can be accessed via a web-based UI or via an API.
    The VOZ R&F Portal facilitates:

    1. The submission of input files for linear TV spots and BVOD impressions from agencies and broadcasters
    2. Execution of reach & frequency calculations
    3. Delivery of campaign reach & frequency reports to agencies and broadcasters

    VOZ Dashboard

    An interactive program-based reporting dashboard developed by Nielsen and accessed via Tableau software can be accessed using individual user login credentials. The VOZ dashboard is based on weekly Consolidated 7 ‘What Watched’ data – for linear TV and BVOD – nationally and by market and is updated each Thursday for the most recent consolidated week. Reporting includes:

    • Average Audience, Cumulative Audience and Cumulative Reach program rankings
    • Proportion of audience by screen type
    • Average Time Spent Viewing by program
    • Program Audience Profile and Indexes

    Guidelines to accessing VOZ

    Here’s a quick guide on how to access and interact with the VOZ database.

    Market reports

    View our latest reports and learn how you can use them.