VOZ Total TV Report Guidelines

    Guidelines to using the VOZ Total TV Website Reports.

    What is VOZ?

    VOZ is the foundation of Australia’s new Total TV reporting standard, enabling all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting. VOZ brings together broadcaster* content viewed on

    a) TV sets: ‘linear TV’, which is measured by OzTAM and Regional TAM’s TV ratings services, plus;

    b) Connected devices: ‘BVOD’, or broadcaster video on demand, which is measured by OzTAM’s VPM reporting service.

    *Broadcaster content comprises viewing of free-to-air and subscription broadcasters’ linear TV and BVOD services. This includes viewing through in-home TV sets (both live and played back within 28 days) and on connected devices such as connected TVs, tablets, smartphones and desktop/laptop computers. Participating BVOD broadcasters: ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network 10, SBS and Foxtel. 

    What are the weekly VOZ National Total TV Consolidated 7 reports?

    The weekly VOZ website reports are a fixed set of predefined weekly reports based on national Consolidated 7 ‘What Watched’ data.

    The website reports provide a top line snapshot of de-duplicated national Total TV viewing across the most recent Consolidated survey week.

    What is ‘What Watched’ data?

    ‘What Watched’ relates to measurement and reporting of viewing to linear TV content, whether live or in playback, attributed to the time of original broadcast (e.g., OzTAM and Regional TAM Consolidated 7 ratings).

    What VOZ reports appear on the website?

    For each Survey Week (Sunday-Saturday) across the calendar year, three reports are made available:   

    a) Total TV Top 20 Programs 

    National (by program) ranked on Total People and People 25-54 for all participating free-to-air (FTA) broadcasters + affiliates combined, detailing the contribution of linear TV and BVOD viewing in metro and regional markets. 

    • Top 5 Programs ranked on Total People and People 25-54 per participating FTA broadcaster + affiliates.

    b) Top 20 BVOD Programs

    National (by program) ranked on Total People and People 25-54 for all participating broadcasters + affiliates combined, detailing the contribution of BVOD viewing in metro and regional markets. 

    • Top 5 BVOD Programs ranked on Total People and People 25-54 per participating broadcaster + affiliates combined.

    c) Total TV Consolidated 7 Reach* 

    National by week (02:00-02:00) for all participating broadcasters including STV channels for select demographics** detailing the:

    National, metro and regional weekly cumulative reach ‘000s (‘only’, ‘only’, ‘both’):

    • audience that was reached by broadcaster content exclusively via linear TV (viewed at least 1 minute) or BVOD (viewed at least 15 seconds) ‘only’; and,  
    • audience that was reached by broadcaster content via linear TV (viewed at least 1 minute) as well as BVOD (viewed at least 15 seconds) ‘both’;

    National weekly cumulative reach % (‘only’, ‘only’, ‘both’):

    • linear TV or BVOD ‘only’ (i.e., incremental BVOD reach)
    • linear TV as well as BVOD (‘both’)

    More extensive and granular VOZ data is available to OzTAM and Regional TAM elemental data subscribers, which they can use in their respective reporting.

    **Total People, People 0-17, People 18-24, People 25-39, People 40-54, People 55-64, People 65+

    VOZ National Audience

    VOZ ‘Linear TV Metro’ and ‘Linear TV Regional’ audience ‘000s reflect the audience to local content only (no spill viewing*). ‘Linear TV National’ includes spill viewing that was otherwise excluded from the ‘Linear TV Metro’ and ‘Linear TV Regional’ figures. This accounts for the difference between ‘Linear TV National’ and the sum of ‘Linear TV Metro’ and ‘Linear TV Regional’ in these reports.

    ‘Linear TV Regional’ in VOZ also includes the new market, ‘Rest of Australia’ which means that ‘Linear TV Regional’ in VOZ will be different to ‘Linear TV Regional’ in TV currency.

    ‘BVOD Metro’ and ‘BVOD Regional’ audience ‘000s represent VPM viewing allocated to the respective TAM service markets. The sum of these will differ slightly from ‘BVOD National’ ‘000s reported within VOZ, to account for BVOD viewing in overlap markets and outside of regional and metro TAM coverage areas.

    *spill viewing is defined as either viewing to regional linear broadcast content if it originated from a non-regional market or viewing to metro linear broadcast content if it originated from a non-metro market.

    Minimum Program Length

    Programs less than 10 minutes in duration have been excluded from these reports from Week 41, 2021 onwards.

    Sourcing VOZ data

    Please state the week you’re referencing, cite ‘VOZ Consolidated 7 data’, and indicate whether you are referencing a Top Program or Reach report, the demographic (Total People or 25-54), and whether you are citing linear TV, BVOD or Total TV, and also whether you’re referencing metro, regional, or national VOZ data. 

    Reporting frequency

    Weekly on Fridays for the most recent Consolidated 7 week (i.e.,w/c Sunday July 4 to Saturday July 10 was available on Friday July 23, 2021.

    Further details: see the VOZ Reports section on this site.

    Need more information?

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