VOZ Gold Standard accredited

third party software modules.

OzTAM continues to foster an open software market for its data, which provides subscribing clients a choice of software suppliers that operate within the OzTAM Gold Standard software accreditation process. The following TPSS are actively investing to develop and supply software solutions for the processing of OzTAM’s VOZ data.

TVmap VOZ Reach & Frequency Module

Campaign Forecast, Tracking & Post Analysis
TVmap VOZ Reach Curves

Program or Timeslot Average Audience and Reach
TVmap VOZ Ranking Report

Reach contribution by Broadcast TV and BVOD
TVmap VOZ Analyzer

Average Audience, Cumulative Reach, Potential, Time Spent Viewing

Visual Schedule Builder module for VOZ R&F for broadcast FTA TV:
Metropolitan broadcast TV spots

Regional broadcast TV spots

VOZ Standard Analysis report builder for broadcast FTA TV (across all market combinations except RoA):

Top Program reporting on a What Watched consolidated basis

Day Part reporting on a What Watched basis



Cumulative Reach
Top Programs by Audience

Top Programs by Reach

Network Analysis

Share of Viewing

BVOD Reach

Network Reach

AdvantEdge – Time module

Accessing VOZ is easy…let’s get you started

VOZ Post Analysis Reach & Frequency
VOZ Reach Curves

Rf8 Technology