VOZ, the most accurate picture of Total TV viewing arrives.

Virtual Australia (VOZ) – the most accurate picture of Total TV viewing, combining broadcast content watched on all screens, anytime, anywhere in one data set, today launches daily Overnight viewing data – a milestone on the collaborative journey towards VOZ becoming Australia’s Total N reporting standard and trading currency.

VOZ Total TV delivers the clearest picture of viewing on all screen types than has ever been possible, inside and outside of homes:

  • For the industry: Broadcast TV and BVOD audiences delivered in one dataset, nationally – so program and campaign performance can be planned and post-analysed by individual markets right up to a national level.
  • For media agencies and advertisers: Cross-platform, broadcast TV and BVOD reach and frequency – revealing for the first time the incremental audience watching only on BVOD.
  • For broadcasters: A complete understanding of program content performance, regardless of platform or device.

The debut of daily next-day Overnight VOZ data marks the start of a transition period for the industry to become accustomed to the VOZ data and be ready to transact on VOZ. The goal is for VOZ to become trading currency in calendar year 2024.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said: “The entire industry is converging for the start of daily Overnight VOZ data production, and genuinely excited about VOZ becoming Australia’s Total TV reporting standard and transactional currency.

“We firmly believe that seeing the true picture of television performance requires a Total Television view, and VOZ reveals the Total TV picture, powering TV planning, buying and post analysis in our rapidly changing viewing landscape….

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