15 December, 2020

Commencement of VOZ daily test data delivery

Broadcasters and TPSS

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Broadcasters and third party software suppliers [‘TPSS’, who are building the analytical software (tools) that will allow clients to engage with the VOZ database] will this week begin receiving daily VOZ test data.

Daily VOZ test data release is a milestone in the 3-year VOZ development program, and it will also help make up for time lost to pandemic-related impacts and the ransomware attack on Nielsen.

Broadcasters and TPSS can now start familiarising themselves with daily VOZ test data as it is produced to see how it integrates with their systems, processes and workflows.

Their feedback will inform subsequent iterations of VOZ as OzTAM, Regional TAM and Nielsen work towards official market release in 2021.

VOZ test data is for testing purposes only, is strictly for internal use and is not to be used for analysis, publication, decision-making or trading.

At this stage, participating broadcasters have opted to hold the external release of test data until the next VOZ iteration.

Media agencies will however be given a period of time to work with VOZ test data to see how it integrates with their respective systems and workflows, and provide their feedback, before the official VOZ market release.