Daily VOZ data production commences on July 7th

Starting July 7th, daily Virtual Australia (‘VOZ’) data will be accessible to eligible subscribers via their chosen third-party software supplier (TPSS), enabling the onboarding process to begin.

The commencement of daily data production is a milestone in the multi-phase VOZ rollout and marks the start of an agency consultation period. The coming months will allow agencies time to acquaint themselves with the database and its attributes, work with VOZ data to see how it integrates with their systems and workflows, and provide their feedback.

From July 22nd, weekly top line Consolidated 7 VOZ market reports will be posted to the website.

VOZ is a world-class measurement service that’s being developed for the industry, with the industry. Accordingly, client comments, observations and experiences as they begin interacting with the database are encouraged.  Their feedback will help OzTAM, Regional TAM and Nielsen progressively refine and enhance VOZ to meet the industry’s needs.

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